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  The History of Khoja Asna Ashri Jamat at Hyderabad


The first family of Sait Haji Sajanlal migrated from Kutch to Hyderabad and settled in princely state of Nizam of Hyderabad in the year of 1873 along with Waljee Laljee and Shivjee Laljee and established in business of animal skin and later on entered in the construction business.  Sait Haji Sajanlal was a great Philonthropist for which he was honoured with the title of Khan Bahadur by British Government in the year 1897.


Mr. Meher Ali Fazil son in law of Khan Bahadur Haji Sajanlal was appointed chief engineer of Housing Board then known was City Improvement Board, during his tenure he constructed Quarters for middle and poor classes in various localities of Hyderabad and the same was rented out ranging between Rs 2.50 to Rs 11 only.


The 2nd batch of families migrated during 1890s they were known as Sait Inayathullah Dayabhoy n Sait Karim Bhoy Dharamsee, they took a house at katalmandi, and Rehmatullah Jivraj family migrated in the year of 1920.


The 3rd batch of families migrated in 1938, they are Hasan Ali Bhoy Hashim (Chotu Bhai), Ali Mohd Bhoy Molidina, Chattur Bhoy, Peer Mohd Bhoy H. Gulam Ali, Banatwala Family and many others, following this from time to time few families migrated from Bombai, Kutch and other places and settled down here.

The 4th batch of families migrated from Jalna, Bombai, and Bhavnargar after Police Action lost all of their businesses and belongings and settled down here, they are known as Mitha Family, Babul Family, Badami Family and Lalani Family.  After this last batch of families, the migration is continued till this day and now the strength of families of approximately 265.

In the beginning Majlis-e-Hussain and Azadari used to take place at Katalmandi at the residence of Inayathullah Dayabhoy and later on at Batul Habib, the residence of Yaqoob Ali Sajanlal, at Redhills, meetings taken place to form Khoja Asna Ashri Jamat, during the year of 1943 and funds were collected from the members and the Khoja Asna Ashri Mahfil was formed on 18th July 1943 at its office established at Batul Habib, Redhills, Hyderabad and the First committee of office bearers and members of the Managing Committee are as follows:

   Br Kasim Ali Bhoy Fazil    President    Br Gulam Ali Inayathullah   Member
   Br FidaHussainInayathullah     Vicepresident    Br AskarAliInayathullah        Member
   Br Hasan Ali Bhoy Shivjee    Secretary    Br Ali Mohd Bhoy Molidina   Member
   Br Moosa Bhoy Peermohd        JointSecretary    B rHasanAliHashim(Chotubhai)   Member
   Br Yaqoob Ali Sajanlal    Treasurer    Br Kasim Ali Rangooni   Member
   Br Akbar Ali Sajanlal    Auditor    

The First General Body Meeting taken place on 14th November 1943 at Batul Habib, the rules and regulations were framed and below mentioned three members elected as Trustees of the Mahfil


Br. Fida Hussain Bhoy Inayathullah, Br Kasim Ali Sajanlal and Br Yaqoob Ali Sajanlal.


The 2nd General Body Meeting was held on 27th May 1945 and the following dignitaries were invited and in this meeting, Moulana NisarHussain (Syed Aga), Moulana Mir Batkat Ali Kibla, Moulana Rasheed Turabi, Moulana Shafiul Baqri (Mir Aga), Nawab Shahid Yarjung, Nawab Turab Yarjung, Nawab Abbas Yarjung and Nawab Fakr Yarjung.  It was decided to call the name Mahfil as KHOJA ASNA ASHRI JAMAT unanimously and the same was registered with the registrar of Companies wide registration serial no. 18/55 dated 2nd Aban 1355 Fasli corresponding to 7th September 1946 and Jamat Khana constructed at 22-7-514, Purani Haveli Hyderabad and later on A 10/10 Ashur Khna Hall was named as Baitul Qayam in the Jamat Khana premises and alams were installed and it was inaugurated by Late Nizam of Hyderabad.

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