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     Hyderabad Azadari History

The Azadari of Hyderabad is very old and famous, the 450 years old  world famous Charminar is the landmark monument of Hyderabad, which was purposely architecture and designed and was built as a true replica of Zari-e-mubarak of Imam Raza-e-garib (A.S.). In this monument of Charminar on its four arches (Kamans) the designs of Alam-e-Mubarak are embedded. There was an Ashoorkhana with a Mosque in this monument of Charminar (on the first floor) where regularly during Moharram, Alam-e-Mubarak used to install and regular Majlis and eulogies were recited.


No sooner the Moharram moon is sighted the entire Shia community dons traditional black garmentwithpietybelief and reverence and perform Majlis round the clock for two months and eights days, in each and every house Shia which is around 4 Lakh, with punctuality Majalises are performe


The Hyderabad is very famous for its Moharram Azadari through the world as it has many Tabarukath (Artifacts) such as the piece of plank on which the last ritual ablution was performed of Shahzadi Fatima Zehra (S.A.) which is preserved in the Alam-e-Mubarak in Bibi Ka Aalwa famously known as Bibi ka Alam and at later stage, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad has gifted (offered) priceless Rubies and Emeralds etc which are also attached to the Alam-e-Mubarak permanently.  In the Alam-e-Mubarak of Imam Zainul Abedeen (A.S.) a precious piece of Tauqh-e-mubarak (Iron Chain) which was put around the neck of Holy Imam (A.S.) is preserved in the Alam-e-Mubarak which is installed (Istaad) in the Imam Bada which is famously known as Alawa-e-Sartouqh-e-mubarak and also  a Pairahan (Wardrobe) of Imam (A.S.) is being displayed for Ziarath during the historical Majlis on 22nd Safar every year at Hussainia Inayathjung Bahadur by Shahid yarjung family. A piece of Horseshoe (NAAL) of Hazarath-e-Abbas (A.S.) is also preserved in the Alam of Naal-e-Mubarak which is installed in the Ashoorkhana, properly known as Naal Sab Mubarak.


Besides these there are many ancient monuments and famous Ashoorkhanas/Imam Badas, such as Khawbgah-e-Mubarak (400 years old), Bargah-e-Abul fazlil Abbas (A.S.), Panje Shahae Vilayat (where the Handprint of Imam Ali (A.S.), Khadme Rasool (SAW) which has footprint of Holy Prophet Mohammud (SAW).  



Above all there is a mountain famously known as Moula Ali Pahad, which has 500 stairs, it is existing since the times of invasion of Aurangzabe, it has the Handprint (panja-e-Mubarak) of Amirul momeneen Hazrath (Ali A.S.) it is heard that Imam himself had visited the mountain top 600 years ago. Opposite this there is an another mountain known as Kadme Rasool (SAW) which has holy footprints of prophet Mohammud (SAW). There are numerous ancient Ashoorkhanas such as, Golconda Fort Ashoorkhana, Koha Qayam (new at Qayam Nagar and old at via Langar Houz), Koha Imam-e-Zamin (A.S.) at Tirmulgherry near Lal Bazar,


Like Karbala-e-Mouallah, on the day of Ashoora and Arbaeen, Lakh of Shias in “Black Garments” from allover takeout grand processions which are miles and miles in length and in this processions Taziyas and Alams are carried out and perform unrestless Matam in the form of Chest beating with Blade and Sharp Pins and beat the Back with the bunch of knives and mini Swords and beat the Head with a Khum (Sharp Sword), these processions continues till midnight.  ((The opinion of famous Scientists that, if a person injected blood other than his group will die of infection, but Alhamdulillah “it is a miracle of Imam Hussain (A.S.) that the Momineens exchange their Blades and Swords etc but nobody was at all infected ever))


On the entire route thousands of Sabils are erected in which cold water, cool drinks, meals are served as Tabarukh irrespective of caste and creed is distributed free of charge by the Shia Community.

Designed and Developed by Brother Mohammed Ali Banatwala in Co-ordination with Brother Abbas Ali Lalani