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 Salamunalaikum and Greetings to all

The prosperity and growth of every society greatly depends upon strength of its social bonds and ties, there are numerous factors that creates and maintain strong social bonds, the most influential one is being based in the cultural and religious beliefs of society.

The Khoja Ithna Asheri are seen as one single community through out the world as they are united not only by their socio-cultural and religious identify but also for their mutual concerns for larger sections of community which are less fortunate in other parts of the world.

Poverty has different faces and colors, its phenomenal power has epidemic effects sparing no community, our community has also badly effected at large with example of displaced families, suffering from destitutions, chronic and other diseases and malnutrition. Due to indigence the poor are lacking medical attention and this unfortunates are severely struggling for dignified rehabilitation with no prospect or relief or any break.

As we are all aware and as said afore, now-a-days illness and diseases has become a common phenomena by which around the world 25% of the populace are either moving around medical centers for treatment or are being in the medical institutions for treatment.  Common among the diseases are hyper-tension, Diabetes, Mellitus, are arthritis, hypo and hyper epilepsy, Coronary, artery and other heart related diseases, thyroid disorders, bronchial Asthma, stroke, TIA,  and terminally ill and vice versa which treatment is beyond the means of medium or semi upper class let alone the poor and destitute, because such patients with above mentioned diseases depend on taking regular medicines or survive till death.

The Khoja Jamat proposes to introduce the schemes for such poor patients of our community by implementing a multiple general hospital to deliver health care system of a high standard along with arranging medical camps first to survive the most poorest and needy of our community were hospice care for terminally ill along with a specialized maternity and other general diagnosis and treatments shall be offered to the poorest patients which may even come from far and wide with the view of easily absorbing the effordness of the treatment be it a general treatment like dental care or any eye checkups or of gynecology.

The professional body of Jaffery Muslim physician and allied professionals can also be resolved for implementation of the proposal of the general hospital.  In the regard, we need benevolent donors and benefactors to promote the hospital projects and take responsibility of one patient for a year.

 Salamunalaikum and Greetings to all

Similarly as per the requirement of Medical Attention, the need of Education is also  universally acknowledge, though the aspect of its often over looked or neglected the importance of its practical value of Academic Qualifications along with it is most importance is spiritual discipline along side the formal educations.

As mentioned earlier disrupted by poverty and destitutions most of our community children are deprived of basic education and have taken diversions by engaging in child labour which gives parents the chance to reduce their financial liabilities.  A poor couple with 3 to 4 children tends to send them to work eking out petty earnings, thus these unfortunate children are deprived from the bounties of education and in turn there chances to rise up to high standard and decent living remain a distant dreams and as such children places like Railway Platform have long become a breeding grounds of the hopeless and despaired and many children in this way stop to care once their parents stop earnings and even ill treat them, as this underprivileged children themselves subjected to frequent abuse starvation and neglect and are preyed upon for the purpose of child labour.

The Khoja Jamat in its endeavor proposes to implement a Residential Education Centre for the children of far and near places to assure them they are not lost, this Educational Centre will also consists of a Madressa and Houza a Junior College a Computer Lab and a Vocational Training Centre.

Although the Jeffery Muslims Members of Africa, Middle East and Western Countries have attain heights in meeting needs of selective groups through collective institutions, the basic idea behind it has always been the desire for piety and economy of our community, especially the World Federation has put up a commendable and unshakeable foundation in the field of Education which has no parity or even parallel world over, that simple words or admirations cannot describe the colossal tasks they have undertaken of educating our deserving children of our community but all we can do is only to follow the footprints and emulating them which shall prove as giving support and strength as a helping hand in the their noble endeavor.

In the above regard, we forward our proposal to the noble benefactors and donors of the world to kindly encourage us with their power and pelf in achieving our goal.

Looking for a favorable interaction.

Thanking you,

Khoja Ithna Asheri Jamat,

 Salamunalaikum and Greetings to all

By the magnanimous co-operation of World Federation (KSIMC), Sajjadiya Truest Canada and Janab Assaf Gulam Hussain of Mambassa, the Khoja Jamat of Hyderabad was able to construct a two storey Housing Complex consisting of 16 Double Bed roomed spacious Flats for economically backward Khoja Momeenin.
The existing Baitul Qayam Residential Complex is a true example of Khoja unity, who are residing in this complex most congenially in all happiness,  and prosperity. On good or bad occasions, the accessibility of Khojas to one another is a blessing in disguise.  They all themselves participate in large numbers in Majlis and Jashans of each  another houses and the Khoja complex is a small colony in itself.
Further requirement of at least 10 flats are badly needed as there are deserving families in waiting list, who are not in a position to afford the huge rentals and are badly in the of need of Housing Assistance.

We are looking forward for a sponsor who can co-operate in providing the required Housing Assistance.

Thanking you,

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